With over 15 years in business, the Hunter Group of Companies is a well-respected strategic partnership of eight companies spanning a breadth of industrial services and products.
Seeking greater cohesion among their core brands, the Hunter Group undertook a re-branding and identity overhaul in 2015. 
The key challenges of the brief included; a well-established existing identity and the need for the new identity to be versatile to the range of companies.
The previous logos lacked the strong consistency of a truly unified organisation.
For such a well-established and respected company it was important to leverage the favourable existing brand equity, and so I worked on creating a new identity that built on, rather than threw out, the old. 
Focusing on strong typography to support the necessary versatility of the new logo range, I brought the Hunter Group logotype into the 21st century.
I revisited the oval frame, an iconic element in the original logo, with a new sense of energy and purpose.
The result is a fresh, sharp new logo system that readily works across the range of Hunter Group companies to express contemporary, solid capabilities of the partnership.
Of course, a brand is more than a fresh logo. The next challenge was to create a solid, consistent corporate identity to update all branding collateral and unite all companies in the partnership.
The new corporate identity has been applied across the organisation to bring consistency to the brand message.
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